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MCS commissionings of new generation Kongsberg/KaMeWa control systems

MSC Opera. Mermaid Azipod control system upgraded.Canman systems replaces Newman systems.Systems installed,commissioned and seatrial. April.2019






Yard:Intermarine 138.Wallypower 118. 3 pcs KaMeWa Waterjets,each 5600Hp.

Link to:Wally webpage

Click to see presentation movie Wally 118



Yard:UMOE Mandal Norway.The Skjold Class. 6 Littoral Combat vessels for Norwegian Navy.6 vessels commissioned and delivered summer 2012. Seatrials first vessel Oct.2007

Presentation movie.Skjold Class

Click to see presentation movie of Skjold Class.


KNM Roald Amundsen. Canman control system.Recalibrated  april 2013

Roald Amundsen



Link to movie:Madame Gu enters Antibes harbour.

Madame Gu

330 ft Megayacht Madame Gu.Antibes. France. Systems recalibrated July 2014.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



CS recalibrations of older generations Rolls-Royce control systems.

Megayacht Coral Ocean.

Systems recalibrated/Seatrials. Oct.2017.

Link to Coral Ocean

Coral Ocean


Link to Fred Olsen Cruises

M/S Braemar

M/S Braemar. Systems recalibrated/seatrials Dec. 2014.



Link to Mano Cruises

Crown Iris

 Crown Iris. ex.Celestyal   Majesty. ex.Thomson   Majesty. ex.Louis Majesty. ex.   Norwegian Majesty. ex.Birka   Queen.

 Systems recalibrated March   2022.


Retrofit project:DSND Pelican (DP Class 3) Vessel management system retrofit.Valmarine Damatic replaces BBC Procontic DP800.Project management for ships owner.


Link to: Subsea 7

DSND Pelican.DP-Vessel Class3.

Link to: Valmarine

Layout of the dual redundant system.


Swedish road ferry Ulrika

Swedish road ferry Ulrika.

Recalibration of Kongsberg/Aquamaster control systems for Azimuthing thrusters. October 2020.


LasseMaja. Ferry to Marstrand

LasseMaja ferry to Marstrand

Trouble shooting and tuning of Kongsberg/Aquamaster thruster control systems for azimuthing thrusters.April 2024.


Click to see interior movie
M/S Sandnes. Norwegian veteranship,delivered 1950 from Nylands Shipyard in Oslo. Confirmation and calibration of propulsion system . Feb.2023.

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