MultiControl Datalogging,calibration of presstransmitters,presswitches.

MCS datalogger







  • Logging of 8 channels,all individually galvanic separated from the process.
  • The 8 channels selectable between 8 analog and 4 digital.
  • All 8 analog channels configurable such as input signals are selectable ±10V, 0-+10V, 4-20mA, 0-20mA etc,etc.
  • 4 pressure transducers 2 pcs 0-100 bars,2 pcs 0-400 Bars,risetime:1mS for logging hydr presssures and pressure peaks.System communicates with laptop via the USB-port (fast respond time).
  • Equipped with earthfault monitoring such as an intermittent fault in the process which is suspected to be triggered by an earth fault can be logged and plotted.
  • Equipped with Currenttransformer/converter. Amps AC to 4-20 mA DC
  •  Unlimited logging.System uses the laptop`s capability and can be left in logging mode for hours, days,weeks etc.
  • When logging is completed the system can zoom in and out into the curves and different parts can be selected and saved as JPG-files for later analysis.Excel files can be saved upon request.
  • Complete system stored in handy aluminiumcase that is handcarried together with the laptop to the clients site.









Example of a logging where an intermittent fault on a Fin Stabilizer onboard
a passenger jumboferry was successfully logged,traced and rectified.

Media report of the ferry incident


Calibration of pressuretransmitters,switches etc. 

Pressostatpump med high accuracy gauge

Calibration of presstransmitters,presswitches etc.